You can help bring Release From Reason to the finish line!

Because of the generosity of our amazing supporters we have completed production with 200+ hours of raw footage shot (including 30 interviews), archived 1000+ images, created this website, sample reel, and more! But there is still a way to go as post-production lies ahead. We are currently raising funds to hire a top-notch editor and other production specialists to turn the raw footage into a great 1.5 hour finished film.


Please consider joining the growing list of supporters helping to bring this inspirational story to the big screen. To make a tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor simply click the button above or send a check to: Documentary Educational Resources, 101 Morse St. Watertown, MA, 02472 (write “AP Film” on the check). Donors receive a tax receipt and these great donor gifts. Questions? Email or call Gabriel 617 515-5642.

Thank you, your support means everything to us!